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Her Name Was Charlie by Frank Jones

Young, ‘fish out of water’ underdog, Charlotte, transforms the lives of five people for the better, in this unpretentious, romantic comedy-drama.

Old Swan Press

Her grip relaxed, as the psychological stampede slowly disappeared. But, if there was any crumb of comfort to be had, it was that now, the attacks were coming fewer, and further, between.

Excerpt from Her Name Was Charlie


‘I don’t believe it,’ she said, in exasperation to anyone within range, ‘he’s just rung up, ‘Where’s me maggots?’ She took a deep breath, as she reloaded the Gatling gun, then once more opened fire, into No-Man’s Land.

Excerpt from Her Name Was Charlie

As her eyes took in the scene, the words ARBEIT MACHT FREI stumbled clumsily through her mind. It wasn’t too late. She could still turn around and go home. Admit defeat… to her mother… to herself.

Excerpt from Her Name Was Charlie

He reached down, took hold of her hand, raised it to his mouth and kissed the back of it. She responded by gently stroking his bicep, with the back of her fingers. ‘I love you…’ she whispered. ‘I love me, too.’ She punched him in the arm. ‘Ouch.’

Excerpt from Her Name Was Charlie

As Dot had regaled Joan with all this riveting info, the thought had crossed her mind that next time she was in the charity shop, to keep an eye open for a couple of nice wine glasses, as the wine, she thought, never seemed to last as long, being drunk from a mug.

Excerpt from Her Name Was Charlie

…but as he continued looking into her eyes, he noticed they had begun to glisten, in a mist of tears. ‘What’s wrong…?’ he asked, quietly, as her bottom lip began to quiver. She shook her head, gently. ‘Nothing…’ she whispered, then, through a smile, ‘absolutely nothing…’

Excerpt from Her Name Was Charlie

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