Her Name Was Charlie Book by Author Frank Jones

Her Name Was Charlie

by Frank Jones

Young, ‘fish out of water’ underdog, Charlotte, transforms the lives of five people for the better, in this unpretentious, romantic comedy-drama.

When the beautiful, middle-class graduate starts a temporary, factory job, while battling her own demons, she faces hostility from the overbearing, inverted snob, Dot, her supervisor. But she also finds warmth and friendship from others, and, from Rick, a handsome co-worker, she finds much more than friendship.

With her caring, compassionate nature, Charlie proceeds to alter the course of five lives in ways that never would have happened, had she not been there. Set in the recent past, this adult, intricately woven story, gradually building to a roller coaster ride, is a moving portrayal of love, loss, friendship and forgiveness. Written in an unconventional style that is explicit and violent in parts, this page-turner is not for the faint-hearted.

For You... by author Frank Jones

For You...

by Frank Jones

“For you…” is a collection of 170 poems, mini poems, and micro stories that I have written over the course of fifty-plus years.

Within these pages you will find pieces covering many aspects of life, from the joy of love to the pain of loss, from friendship to loneliness.

Some of the writing may provoke a laugh, some of it produce a tear. Some of it is serious, some of it plain silly! But none of it is pretentious.

I hope you enjoy reading it.

Frank Jones, 2021